Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Coolest Nature Video Ever!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Enough is Enough... We need a steady state economy!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Porpoises following Asperida

In the morning of the 5th day on the passage a large pod of porpoises came and swam along with Asperida about a half hour.  I was 4 am to 8 am shift and Walter briefly panicked when he didn't see me in the cockpit.  We were sailing along at a pretty slow speed on auto pilot.

It's always fun when a pod of porpoises come swim along with the boat while sailing. This was the most I've ever seen perhaps almost 50 but it's just an estimate.

Looking back

This was taken after clearing into Guatemala in Livingston just before heading out to the boat.  I thought it was a nice photo of Asperida.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guatemala City

I've really only been within walking distance of the Hostel I chose to stay at.  Anyway it's a big city with plenty of familiar franchise presence.  The hostel recommended a couple places with good and inexpensive food.  I only tried the one but it's only a breakfast and lunch place and on my first day I arrived 10 minutes after 3 and they stop serving lunch at 3.  I walked further to a big fancy modern mall and mistakenly chose to eat at a restaurant called Skillets.  It was a total of Q 104 which is about $13.65.  A typical lunch or dinner price back home.  The next day I had lunch at the recommended place and it was Q 25 or $3.35 US.  After that good inexpensive lunch I decided to walk over to the grocery store to get a few things for later rather than going out somewhere.  I stopped at that same mall and was going to get a coffee but since just a cup of coffee small was over half the cost of my lunch I changed my mind...it was a Starbucks.  The mall had many familiar brand stores and a few unknown to me.  Quite the display of consumerism out of control.  I then proceeded to the grocery store and was thinkng just some bread and peanut butter and snack bars.. The bread and snack bars were a good value but the tiny size peanut butter like not even a cup..more like a 6 oz jar was Q 57... which is about $7.58??? I opted for a little 6 oz tub of cream cheese for Q 4.45 or 60 cents.   The only other guests here that were staying more than a night before a flight home or having just arrived about to head off to the various tourist destinations were a couple woman applying for work visas at a hostel in Mexico.. They met there and have been working there under the radar but now both want to make it official and eventually obtain a Mexican residency.  One was from Argentina and the other from Sweden.  You can not apply for a work visa within the country you seek to work at hence they have been doing a bit of traveling here finishing off with a few days in 'The City' with visits to the Mexican Embassy.
My excuse for not doing some sight seeing like visiting La Antigua is I've been traveling in a sailboat since December 2 and am focused on getting to Bryson City to visit a good friend from highschool I've not seen in a very long time and looking forward to spending 5 days with he and his wife.  Perhaps someday I'll be back to Rio Dulce with a sailboat of my own and have plenty of time to check things out.

$3.35 US

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The bus ride

The cruising guide books on Asperida covering Rio Dilce were from 2009 and another from 2013.  Even the more recent guide made reference to taking the chicken bus from Fronteras (Rio Dulce) to Guatemala City concerning a flight to where ever.  Well I'm not sure if they still had chicken buses for the route to 'The City' from Rio Dulce back in 2013 but the don't anymore.  Old repainted school buses from the U.S. are still used on various rural routes possibly even with the occasional customer bringing a chicken?  I suppose the success of tourism has the 2 main bus lines in the country using big comfy air conditioned Mercedes or other buses.  I took Litegua and the almost 6 hour bus ride only cost $10 U.S.  You start out heading up over the bridge spanning where the Rio Dulce becomes Lago Izabel.  Then you travel around 40 to 80 kph with occasion short stops.  Just short of half way there is a longer break at a hotel, cafeteria with restrooms.  About an hour past that stop you finally begin climbing into the mountains on the same paved but narrow road just like what passes through Fronteras.  There are plenty of places for a bus to roll off the mountain with little in the way of guardrails.  At some point this secondary paved road changes to a modern 4 lane divided highway the rest of the way to The City.  I had chosen a seat in the very front but the very high windshield that would have allowed good viewing was covered by curtain on the upper part to shade the sun for the driver allowing only a veiw ahead of the road a 100 feet ahead at the most.  While it's quite tropical in the Rio Dulce area once underway the terrain became much more arid as you can see in the photos.

The high bridge over the Rio Dulce

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


You hear about how bad the bugs are and that you need to have insect screening on your boat.  During the 12 or so days I was here I don't think I counted more than a dozen mosquitoes?  Maybe it's not the worst bug time of year?  Maybe if your accustom to minnesota mosquitoes they just aren't real thick in comparison?  Anyway it's 5 am now and I had a nice last night and a mosquito around 4 am.  Now I'll rest another hour before getting up.

Last sunset in Rio Dulce at Monkey Bay Marina.

This is actually a few nights back when the moon was full.  The boat is just a random boat anchored in Monkey Bay.  It's a steel hulled gaff rigged schooner with a lot of corrosion.