Thursday, December 18, 2014

Placid crossing so far

It's going to be a relaxing Gulf Stream crossing.

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Lovely day to cross the Gulf Stream

We have entered the ocean and are on our way across. I'll be loosing my network soon and will only be able to post on the blog when wifi allows. This should mostly be a motor crossing with light to calm and variable winds.

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Location:S Ocean Ln,Fort Lauderdale,United States

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fort Lauderdale Police

Walter and Candace returned with the transmission parts and some salad items. As Walter began to put things back together the boat had moved into the channel from current and or wind. It sat perfect all might but now it seemed we would need a stern anchor. Walter and Candace took the stern anchor in the dingy and dropped it toward where we wanted the stern. We had to move it a second time and ended up with the boat about where it was last night tucked in the corner of the Y of channel intersection. The Police boat came while we were setting the stern anchor and wanted us to move a mile or so to a better spot to anchor but we had no driveshaft connection. He said he'd be back to make sure we were clear of the channel or would expect us to ca Tow Boat US if need be. They returned in the dark and slowly motored around the corner past us and I guess decided we were ok.
Photos wouldn't post last time? Hope they do now.

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Location:St Se,Fort Lauderdale,United States

Ooops..we are still in Florida

Yesterday we had light wind to start and sailed a little although slow. Then it became totally calm and we motored south. We decided rather than pull in near Fort Lauderdale after dark and anchor, we would turn east once south a bit past Fort Lauderdale and cross the Gulf Stream during the night. With our mechanical problems of recent days Walter was shutting off the engine every couple of hours to inspect things. On a routine check about an hour and a half from when we would be turning east he noticed a transmission fluid leak. When a subsequent inspection once we were very near the Port Everglades inlet it seemed to have increased. It was decided to pull in and anchor in the residential canals of Fort Lauderdale. We are at a busy waterway intersection with scenic boat rides, water taxis and private boats. It got quit enough at 11 pm but it's nonstop traffic during the day. It was pretty much the closest anchoring option and really had only room for one boat.
In the morning we found a marine transmission place and Walter and I took the dingy to shore and walked about 2.5 miles to the place we had found in the marine yellow pages but ended up stopping at a different place not quite so far. This ended up being good as a mechanic was at the parts counter and looking at the 2 flange like parts said not only a new seal was needed but the spindle end was scored and needed to be capped or rebuilt or something or it would still leak. He said he could probably get it done before the end of the day and sure enough not more than 2 hours after Walter and I returned to Asperida he called my cell.
Now I'm hanging out on Asperida while Candace and Walter go to get the rebuilt parts. They brought two Scooters Walter had on board. The little self propelled 2 wheelers with handlebar steering. Fun...
Assuming the weather window is still good which I think is...we will head across to Bimini in the morning.

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Location:St Se,Fort Lauderdale,United States

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Last blog post from the US

The sun just set. Once we are south of Fort Lauderdale, about 2 hours, we will head east across the Gulf Stream. We guesstimate getting to Bimini about 5:30 am.
I will continue to create blog posts regularly but can only upload as we find wifi. By for now those who read this.

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Location:Pompano Beach,United States

OK new plan : )

About an hour after I posted about anchoring a night near Fort Lauderdale it was decided it would be too late and dark to bother with that. Now we are simply motoring south and when we are once down to Fort Lauderdale we shall turn east and head straight across the Gulf Stream during the night. Once across we will head south to Bimini guesstimating arrival early morning 5 or 6 am.

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Location:United States

A little sailing

We decided last night to use today to sail south and then go back inside and anchor near Fort Lauderdale.
We had a very light wind and did raise all sails but the best we did was a little over 3 knots though mostly 2 knots. We were quite near shore but perhaps it was partially the northerly Gulf Stream current? After 3 hours or so the wind really dropped of to nothing. At least we can shut down and inspect the flange bolts. As one might expect we at nervous about the bolts loosening?!
Dead calm now as I'm about to upload this.

Heading out the inlet.

While we were sailing.
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